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Dying ash tree in your yard? Prompt tree removal is a must...

When an ash tree is dead or dying because it has been infested with the emerald ash borer, a saddened homeowner must confront the next step... getting it cut down.​

Because its wood is brittle, a dead ash tree must not be left standing.

It's a safety hazard.  Limbs can break, endangering people and causing property damage, or the entire tree can fall.

The ash tree dies by drying out, because the borers cut off the vessels that carry moisture out to the branches, the wood already has become brittle before its end.

Some types of trees can stand for many years after they die, but the ash tree is not one of them.
If a tree falls in the forest it provides a wonderful habitat for many plants and animals.  But if it dies in your yard, you want it gone.  A falling tree or branches could harm people or damage buildings and cars.
​Don't delay, because the more the tree dries out the more risky— and expensive— the job will become. 
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